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Why Home Inspections





Home Quality Headquarters, LLC. (HQHQ) was founded in 1987 to meet the growing need for professional real estate support services. The company provides a wide range of home quality services including:

Home/Property Inspections

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

Radon Gas Measurements Air/Well Water

Well Water Quality

Whether for investment or primary residence, cautious homebuyers use professional inspection to support their important real estate decisions. Professional, objective inspections help determine any major defects or important conditions before the sale is completed thus reducing the chances of unpleasant surprises or insurmountable financial burdens that may arise later on.  

General home inspections are visual investigations of accessible components typically done on existing buildings (as opposed to brand new construction) and are not intended to point out every small insignificant problem in the home. Every home will have some defects at least somewhere. The general purpose of the inspection is to provide technical and professionally experienced opinion, prior to purchase and property transfer, regarding the major structural, mechanical and electrical systems on the property and determine areas that may require substantial expense to repair, replace or correct in the near future. Another important aspect of a general inspection is to determine any significant safety concerns that may exist.  

There are no scrap yards for homes. They are built,
lived in . . . sold, lived in . . . sold, lived in . . . sold on and on . . . The inspection helps buyers see what they are getting themselves into. 

The inspection will also highlight positive aspects of the home and its various systems. Many observations and/or recommendations made will help dispel homebuyer anxieties and provide useful normal maintenance suggestions. The physical inspection of the property should be followed by a written report detailing the inspection findings including recommendations.

Our service area includes all of Hartford, Tolland and Windham counties and parts of Middlesex and New London counties.