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Wood Destroying Insects

Although the condition of a wood-framed home is largely related to continued, conscientious maintenance (or lack of), provided by the homeowner (s), hidden damage may exist from unknown activity of wood destroying insects.  Several species of wood destroying insects exist, i.e., carpenter ants, various beetles, etc.; however, subterranean or ground nesting termites are by far the most destructive insect pests of wood.

The economic importance of the termite with regard to buildings arises from the fact that wood members of a building closest to the soil and, therefore, the most likely to be severely damaged by the termites, are usually the sills, joists, studs, girders, and other important load-bearing elements of construction.  Failure to stop a termite attack can result in such loss of support that other forms of deterioration  such as sagging walls and/or floors and damaged window and door frames can occur. 

Due to the hidden nature of termites and the favorable conditions for existence in Connecticut, annual inspections are recommended for all homes.


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