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In rural settings where homes are far apart and countryside is hilly and rocky, etc., establishing a public water supply is usually economically impractical. In such cases, domestic water is provided to the homes by an on-site water well. A well is a hole drilled deep into the earth’s bedrock, that is naturally water bearing. When enough water is available to supply the house, the drilling stops. A water pump is installed, either in the basement of the home or down the drilled hole near the bottom of the well.

In most cases, the water is usually plentiful and safe for household use.  

However, the supply of domestic water to a home is one of the most important house systems. Thus, a water availability screening test should be conducted as part of a pre-purchase, general home inspection. The result of this screening provides information about the availability of water for the home.  Bacteriological and chemical / mineral water tests as well as a radon in water measurement should also be conducted. Treatment systems are available to deal with the various contaminants and/or nuisance minerals found in water. Cautious, prior-to-purchase testing may help to control the costs of necessary treatments.



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